I get asked this question all the time. (mostly on Twitter) “Juicy, how can I get more followers?” It’s not that hard, follow back! People seem to think there’s some top-secret formula. (come here… closer…whispering) There is NO secret formula. What you need to do is hit that FOLLOW button! How can you expect people to follow you if you aren’t willing to follow them? You’re not a celeb, you don’t have a built-in fan base, so you can’t afford to be a social media snob.

Now I understand you don’t want to follow random people, or want spam filling up your timeline (and DM box), that’s annoying. Sometimes it comes with the territory, but there are ways to minimize that problem. Twitter has a search feature…you can search for people that have similar interests. For example, let’s say you love music. Enter “music” and twitter will return with all tweeds that have “music” in their profiles or tweeted #music in the past. Follow them. Engage them.

FOLLOW FRIDAY!!!!!! There is a popular consensus that this is a waste of time, wrong. If done properly, you’ll see those numbers jump in no time. Write quirky, witty tweets about the people you recommend. I recommend people who I interact with on the regular. Therefore, I know something about them, what they do, what they like. This makes the recommendation genuine. People appreciate when you take time to write something nice and insightful about them. They in turn, (in most cases) will return the favor. Secondly, pay attention to influencers. These people usually have lots of followers (over 10k), and their followers interact and retweet them often. Follow the people on their lists, or whoever they recommend. Reach out, say hello, break the ice. They don’t call it “social networking” for nothing.


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