It’s easy! Say hello, FIRST…

Twitter, Facebook and a host of other social networking sites make it so easy for those of us still working on our social skills. Take advantage. There is nothing to fear. (Juicy is here! Just kidding)

It’s no fun going to a party to stand in the corner drinking by yourself, is it? Doesn’t look like fun to me.

Walk around, greet people. Join a conversation (politely, don’t just go and take it over) Same etiquette applies to social media.

Be an active participant. Join groups, comment on threads, tweets, posts. You can’t expect people to “like”, retweet and comment on your posts and you don’t reciprocate the same love. If you’re nice, other people will do the same for you.

Recommend a friend to other friends. Twitter has this thing called #FollowFriday which gives me LIFE every Friday. I LOVE it! (can you tell?) Facebook allows you to recommend people, pages and groups to your friends. Other social sites follow the same suit.

If you have something interesting to say, your social circle will grow in no time. (Trust me, I know)


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