JMG facilitates introductions between brands, products, talent and consumers. Our expertise and relationships across entertainment, sports, music, fashion and lifestyle places us in an unique position. Sometimes, we just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

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Music and sports are universal, the rhythm is understood no matter what your native tongue, the Olympics is proof of that. Juicy Media Group has forged strategic partnerships to bring sports and entertainment projects to life. We intend on being a major player and look forward to engagement on all levels.


We create dynamic strategies for brands or local business working closely with each client to create a powerful online presence for their brands. You are simply one click away to have it all.

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Our team members are strategic advisors and dealmakers for clients in the U.K., the U.S. and other international markets specializing in multi-platform distribution and strategy.

The team assists clients with media strategies and negotiations, developing and evaluating initiatives, building business models from inception to launch.


Juicy Media Group prides itself on keeping up with the latest trends in media, entertainment and technology. The social landscape is continuously evolving and changing the way we communicate and how companies deliver content to the mainstream. There are an array of tools available that make the task efficient and effective.

We will assist you in developing innovative strategies designed to specifically engage your desired target audience. We show you how to consolidate your efforts and maximize results.


To do this effectively, you’ll need to give your media strategy time, time to breathe. Social Media requires a long-term commitment and patience. In terms of ROI, it’s certainly a much smaller investment than say, TV, billboards, traditional advertising, etc. Depending on what your ultimate goals are, we utilize systems and tools that provide real-time analytics to every media marketing campaign.

Juicy Media Group is positioned to evolve with the trends, finding that delicate balance between nurturing relationships and adopting innovation. We are a part of the conversation. Follow the butterfly…

Bridging the gap between you and the world.


What our clients say

  • Ann is not only a wonderful employer who propels and motivate her employees but is one of the most insightful social media branders I have ever met she is driven, well informed and well versed in all aspects of social media. I have learned a lot working with her and her company. It is with great pleasure and pride that I write this recommendation It is not only well over due but well deserved.

    Cool V – Marketing & Branding Specialist

    Cool V a.k.a Mr Official Whistle!
  • Anne is a passionate creator & innovator. She produces clear measurable results, quickly and efficiently.

    Tim Miller
    Journalist & editor at (, audio engineer/producer at Xsodus Productions, voice over artist, radio host
  • Projecting the right image is key when introducing your organization and brand to the world. Ann Lemond-Hume and Juicy Media Group displayed complete understanding of this principal by capturing the image and projecting the mission and message of our organization, in a way that’s nothing short of amazing. From the impressive and expeditious turn around, to the sleek, clean professional look that represents Health On The Rise perfectly, Juicy Media Group created a website that took our organization’s internet presence and our community outreach to the next level.

    Rod Hutcherson
    President/CEO, Health On The Rise

Our Clients

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  • Deidras Beauty Palace
  • Lola Louis Creative & Performing Arts Studio